Over 30 years combined experience in ANSYS, WORKBENCH, and DESIGNMODELER.


Structural Analysis – from whole vehicle models down to details.


Optimization – operating either in ANSYS or Workbench and Design Modeler we have optimized many parts to significantly reduce weight and get target stiffness. Usually, peak stress is reduced to increase strength and life at the same time.  Optimization can be done quickly and pays off significantly in product performance.


APDL – we have had great success in automating analysis requirements in APDL. The time savings from a good program can be on the order of 90% in many cases. From simple templates to analyze structural elements to optimization of entire structures.


NASTRAN Translation – much time can be saved creating vehicle models in WORKBENCH and then translating the model into a NASTRAN bdf file. For example, if NASTRAN models are required for several purposes –static analysis, modal analysis, and crash analysis; the meshes for each will be significantly different. All three meshes can be generated (and regenerated) from one WORKBENCH model and then translated into bdfs using an APDL program.  Using the geometry based methods in ANSYS makes geometry and mesh modifications easy and fast as well.


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